De Lancie To Appear On The Secret Circle


John de Lancie, best known to Star Trek fans as Q, will be cast as one of the elders on The Secret Circle.

De Lancie will first appear in episode nineteen of the first season, which will probably air next month.

In The Secret Circle, an orphaned sixteen-year-old moves to a new town, where she finds out that she is a witch and that her new friends have been waiting for her to join them to complete a “new generation of the Secret Circle.”

De Lancie will be playing Royce Armstrong; the “powerful, yet recluse” grandfather of one of the main characters, Jake Armstrong (Chris Zylka). Royce has come out of hiding to “reveal disturbing conspiracy theories about the events of sixteen years ago and how the present-day circle is involved.”

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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Q! Stop this nonsense! 🙂

  • AirElephant

    Oh man it hurts to see John de Lancie playing a GRANDFATHER! I know it’s been nearly twenty years since the last Star Trek the Next Generation TV show, but articles like this certainly drive it home. Oof. I have always enjoyed the whimsy of his Q character, but alas I can’t bring myself to watch anything on the CW, no matter how many of my ST heroes they bring aboard.