Trek Towels To Debut


Three new Star Trek beach/bath towels are now available for pre-order at

The one hundred percent cotton towels come in three colors; Kirk Gold, Spock Blue and Security/Engineering Red.

Each towel is printed on one side in a “uniform-style print featuring the appropriate department symbol and braiding.”

The towels will measure 30″ by 56″ and will sell for $29.99 per towel, or $79.99 for the set of three. Pre-orders are being taken now at the Star Trek Official Store.


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  • One hundred percent towels?

  • Alan

    Explains the price lol

  • Bradjut

    talk about wrapping yourself around star trek! cool towels BTW

  • John

    So, the light blue one the hot chick is wearing in the picture above – is that the actual color of the “Spock blue”? Nice idea, but $30 for a towel, no thanks!

  • Will it make my wife look like that?

  • I don’t fancy my chances of survival if I wear the red one on an away mission

  • Undead

    If you buy the red towel your chances of being vaporized by scalding water in a bizarre shower malfunction increase by 750 percent.

  • Neat

  • TBonz

    One little typo…. 😉