Trek Masterpiece Collection: Kelley As Bones


A new addition to the Star Trek Masterpiece Collection of Star Trek figurines will feature DeForest Kelley as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

The polystone bust of McCoy, standing eight inches tall and five inches in width, will be released this July, and will sell for $79.99.

Other busts in the collection include Kirk and Picard (released last month) and the forthcoming Data (March 2012 release), Spock (June 2012 release) and Khan (June 2012 release.)

The busts can be seen here.

Source: Titan Merchandise Press Release




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  • Kailer35

    Great looking bust! Looks just like him.

  • Seventhbeacon

    Amazing piece. I hope they do Sisko and Kira soon!

  • Luv

    Weird without the legs.