Trek 2 Set Photos Featuring Spock And Uhura – UPDATED




MTV has posted two pictures from the set of Star Trek 2.

The photos in question show Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana and newcomer Benedict Cumberbatch, whose role is not yet known.

One photo shows Spock and Cumberbatch who are “locked in battle” on top of a “space barge set.”

The other shows Uhura holding a phaser and facing Cumberbatch’s character.


UPDATE: More photos can be found here.


Click on the photos for a full-sized version.


Source: MTV Movie Blog

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  • MikeAJK

    On seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in that photo, the first word that crossed my mind was “Sybok”…

  • Canadiandoom

    Sybok is Vulcan and so have pointed ears.
    I would go for Soran!

  • Landru J.

    Soran? Don’t be ridiculous–they’re not revisiting Generations.

  • Phymnscomics

    I Got thoughts on who it is. Read my blog and see if you agree….

  • I would love it if it was a Romulan who had infiltrated Starfleet, this could be for the Romulan war building up.

  • Kingjames96

    Looking at all the photo’s closely, you can see a faint starfleet logo on the black shirt. Could it be a new take on the mirror universe uniforms? Or section 31? Hmmm

  • Kang the Unbalanced