Star Trek Online Season Four To Debut


A new episode of Star Trek Online will be released on Saturday, titled The 2800.

In The 2800, “the powers of the Alpha Quadrant gather at Deep Space Nine to plan a defense against the Borg when an unexpected guest arrives.”

That guest turns out to be the Jem’Hadar, the Dominion fleet of genetically engineered “super-soldiers.”

The next four episodes of the fourth season will then be released, on the next four Saturdays after the release of The 2800. The titles for those episodes are: Of Bajor, Operation Gamma, Facility 4028, and Boldly They Rode.

A preview video for The 2800 can be seen here.

Source: Star Trek: Onlinevia PC Gamer

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  • Jim

    Does anybody remember when Star Trek wasn’t only about war?

  • Undead

    Sure. I remember when it was also about giant spacefaring jellyfish that disguised themselves as trading outposts.

  • Startrekkin58

    War is good for business

  • Myutopian

    But only when you’re away from the front lines!

  • Guest

    Revisiting the show content an awful lot, aren’t they? Free to do virtually anything, to bring people new science fiction in this new format, and they are rehashing. Strange.