Shatner: Acting Anxiety And Future Plans


Even though he has years of performing behind him, William Shatner is still capable of being nervous before a show.

It has been fifty years since Shatner last appeared on Broadway, and performing in New York is a bit daunting for Shatner. “It’s the elite,” he said. The people who criticize and the people who attend.”

“Sophistication, that’s the word,” Shatner added. “I want to be good enough to satisfy them.”

Shatner’s one man show ends in April but the eighty-year-old actor has plenty on his plate after that. “There are two horse shows I’ve got to compete in” he said. “There’s my own horse show benefiting children’s charities; then I’ve got to shoot a series that I host called Weird or What? in May.”

After that, Shatner will be working on “two documentaries that we’ve sold in Canada,” he said, “and I hope will sell here. They’re about food – the nature of food; the other is who goes to conventions, who turns up at health convention, a Xena convention, a fantasy convention.

“And then there’s the prospect of doing TV or movies.”

Source: LA Weekly




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