New Star Trek-themed Statue to Debut


A new Star Trek-themed statue, this time another Captain Kirk one, is being offered later this year by Hollywood Collectibles Group.

The Captain Kirk 1:4 scale statue is the “authentic likeness of William Shatner.” It stands nineteen inches tall, is made of hand-painted, heavyweight polystone.

Previous statues in the Trek series include a 1:6 scale Captain Kirk (seated in his command chair), the Gorn and Mr. Spock 1:6 scale statues.

Only seven hundred-and-fifty pieces of the Captain Kirk 1:4 scale will be made. Those who pre-order now will be able to obtain lower serial numbers (from one to one hundred). The Captain Kirk 1:4 scale statue will sell for $279.95 and can be reserved by heading to the link located here.


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  • Steve Sullivan51

    love the figer

  • mvdelaney77

    When do you think they’re going to realize what they’ve done to their own franchise in terms of marketing?

    Do you suppose, 40 years from now, they’ll be making little statues of Chris Pine?

  • MikeWalbo

    That face is terrible. They don’t even try anymore.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    They very well might. A quarter of a century ago, people were saying the same thing about Patrick Stewart.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    It looks like they’re trying to reconcile Shatner’s face in the 60’s with his current mutant pumpkin head.