2013 Star Trek Calendars


Covers can now be seen for the four 2013 Star Trek line of calendars.

The four calendars include: Ships of the Line, The Original Series, the Star Trek Captain’s 2013 Day-to-Day Calendar and the Star Trek Captain’s Log 2013 Engagement Calendar.

The Ships of the Line calendar is “A longtime favorite among serious Trekkers and casual fans alike.” This Star Trek 2013 Ships of the Line gives Star Trek features spectacular illustrations of the ships and vessels from the various series, films, and Starfleet history. Each spread takes the viewer into the very heart of the Star Trek universe.”

The Original Series Calendar features “full-color photos of the entire original cast, including Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols), Lieutenant Sulu (George Takei), Ensign Chekov (Walter Koenig), and Mr. Scott (James Doohan).”

The Star Trek Captain’s 2013 Day-to-Day Calendar features “quotations from each of the franchise’s television series and films, lore from the Star Trek universe, and trivia from over four decades of Trekker mania.”

And finally, the Star Trek Captain’s Log 2013 Engagement Calendar “is a sixteen-month engagement-style calendar that features images, quotations, and reflections from all of the Star Trek captains.”

These Star Trek 2013 calendars are available for pre-order on Amazon.

Source: 8of5's Guide to the Trek Collective

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  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Notice Uhura’s hand on Spock’s shoulder on the TOS calendar cover?

    Foreshadowing, I tell ya…

  • I love the pictures in the “Ships of the Line” calendar, but I very much dislike the layout of the actual calendar (dates, etc). It is pretty, but not useable in my opinion. I had to stop buying it this past year.

  • Glad to see the return of the day to day. But will the 2013 inside be a repeat of the 1986 the way the outside is? Just wondering.

  • Ensignahkinum

    I wonder if the Vulcan mind-meld is limited only to the hands? Can Spock, or Vulcans, use other parts of there bodies?

  • John

    Every year I intend to buy one or two of thes calendars, for myself. And every year, the book stores run out of it tremednously fast! So I can’t buy one. Always hope someone will give me one, but it doesn’t always happen. and the Onizuka hasn’t had a Christmas Gift Exchange party for 3 years, now