Voyager-themed Flat Must Go


Neither bankruptcy nor a fungal attack could stop Star Trek fan Tony Alleyne from making his dream of having a Star Trek Voyager-themed flat come true, but a divorce will force him to turn that apartment back into a conventional one.

Alleyne took several years and spent £30,000 to turn his apartment into a Star Trek Voyager-themed residence, which featured “a computer console, flashing lights and ‘transporters.'”

Last year, problems arose with mold and fungus invading the flat and it turned out that Alleyne’s downstairs neighbor was growing marijuana in his apartment, using hydroponic growing equipment. “The police came and knocked on the door of the place below and took away twenty-five cannabis plants and the equipment,” said Alleyne. “I couldn’t believe there was something like that going on right below me. When the police took the hydroponics away all that stuff looked as hi-tech as my place.”

Alleyne was able to restore the apartment to its former glory, but now a new menace threatens his unique residence, his forthcoming divorce. Alleyne and wife Georgina separated in 1994 and are now divorcing. Georgina had been paying the mortgage since 1994, but she now wants to sell the flat, but not as a Trek-themed residence. “I want to sell it as conventional property,” she said.

“To say I’m gutted is an understatement,” said Alleyne. “It is my life’s work – and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.”

Alleyne estimates to redo the project elsewhere would cost at least £100,000.

Source: The Registervia The Sun

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  • Guest

    This woman is dumb. It will sell for much more with Trek decor intact.

  • Anthony Hufford

    I always thought that place looked quite far too tacky.

  • voyagergrl3193

    Wow! To spend that much $$ for a Voyager themed flat and then have it ripped away from you. That’s bad! The nerve of some people.

  • It took her 18 years of separation (and paying for everything) to decide to divorce him?! And you’re right, it’d sell for a pretty penny to a trekkie with enough money. Sad, sad, sad…

  • Leslie_lechner

    {Hailing Frequencies open}
    Lt. CDR of USS Crusader:
    Greetings, uh CMDR or Captain? I couldnt quite see the entire ranking Pips. Sorry if either call on your rank is wrong. In any case, I extend warm greetings from USA, and offer you my sympathies. If I had the means, I would volunteer my time, to shuttle over and give assistance, in reconstructing your flat elsewhere. However, my shuttle craft, the pending SS Grim Reaper, is still in the ship yards here in USA. I have recruited 5 members, but am still working on finaliseing their membership, so I can get my shuttle craft launched and commissioned. I do wish you the best. And I do say, your hard work is very noteable, and well done. As Spock would say; Live long and prosper.
    {Hailing Frequencies closed}

  • Undead

    When your “life’s work” is spending several years and 30,000 pounds turning an apartment you don’t even own into a shrine to the very worst Star Trek series, you’ve got even bigger problems than you think.

  • Joshi

    Couldn’t you make it like a museum and charge a small amount for admission? Get enough Trek fans to come see it , and you’d make the necessary amount to relocate…and probably get all the volunteer help you could ask for.

  • For

    Downstairs may have been growing weed, but alleyne was wanking to 10 year olds being abused.