USS Enterprise In Rose Bowl Parade Float


Star Trek fans tuning into today’s Rose Bowl got a special treat, as the USS Enterprise was part of Paramount Pictures’ 2012 Rose Bowl float entry.

The entry, called Paramount Pictures…100 Years of Movie Magic, paid homage to past studio productions, including Star Trek.

Fifty-five feet in length, the float included Star Trek‘s USS Enterprise, the 1948 Ford Deluxe “Greased Lightning” from Grease, the Paramount Bronson Street gate, Transformers character Bumblebee, the WWI biplane from Wings and the bench from Forrest Gump.

Photos of the process of creating the float can be seen at Byrne Robotics where Rick Senger, who helped to decorate the Paramount float, can be seen decorating the Enterprise, using sweet uber white rice. Onion seed was used for the black colorings on the ship.

This was Paramount Pictures first ever entry into the Rose Parade. Ten Paramount employees rode on the float during the parade. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

YouTube video

Source: The Hollywood Reportervia Byrne Robotics

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  • Milojthatch

    WHAT! That’s not the Enterprise, it’s the JJ Enterprise! WHAT THE HEY?!?! So disrespectful! Instead of using the real thing that has been around almost half of the studio’s existence, they go with the want-a-be that has only been around not even 3 years yet? Thanks “powers that be” for sticking it to your biggest fan base once again.

  • Captain Sidney

    Not only did they use the JJPrise but the announcers talked about “Wings” and “Bumblebee” but said nothing about Trek!
    To quote Geoffrey Peterson “..Tha Hell????”

  • Zeorangerix

    I would have rather seen the 1701 refit… but the JJ Enterprise IS the Enterprise now, folks. That’s the way it is. I, for one, am glad it is so prominent on the float.

  • Drew

    Simply not true… I watch this on both NBC and ABC, both network’s announcers mentioned the Enterprise as well as the upcoming Star Trek sequel….

  • NCC1701MF

    ABC definitely mentioned Star Trek. The youtube clip is from the Hallmark Movie Channel.

  • Milojthatch

    The JJprise is a lot of things, but it will never be “The Enterprise!”

  • She has wheels so this must be granny!

  • Neonglo

    I’m glad to hear NBC & ABC mentioned it, because KTLA’s commentators described elements of the float in detail but ignored the Enterprise. The camera zoomed in to view it, there was a hesitation, then they went on as if it weren’t there. It was very noticeable.

  • Neonglo

    And you JJ haters REALLY need to get over it, already. Are you still watching broadcast TV and using cameras with film? Of course not. Adapt.

  • mvdelaney77

    No bloody, A, B, C, D, or JJ.

  • Jan

    This is probably the most flawed argument ever made. Are you still reading books by Shakespeare, Goethe, Jules Verne, Hemingway, Tolstoy or Jane Austen? Of course not. Adapt. Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight is newer, hence it has to be better.

    You still live in a capitalist country? Haven’t you realised that fascism is newer, thus it’s the better form of being governed?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Their biggest fan base is now the hundred million or so who have seen Trek XI. This greatly outnumbers the pre-JJ Trekkie population.
    Look. People threw fits when Harve Bennett took over producing the movies. Fans initially hated Next Generation with a purple passion. Likewise Enterprise when it launched, and now people defend it. They had conniptions over Tuvok, Klingons with ridges, Klingons without ridges, the refit, D, E, and Akiraprise. Not to mention the upheavals over the remastered TOS, how dare they touch it!
    But mysteriously, Trek has survived… and indeed, grown. There would be no Trek XI if there weren’t those previous growths and changes that caused so much butthurt, but were eventually accepted. Hate it all you want, but Trek XI and JJ Abrams have revived your favorite franchise and hugely grown the fanbase.

  • Thisandthat

    You’re comparing an argument about the design of a pretend starship to fascism? Wow.

    I don’t think anyone is talking about reworking the past. Your point about Shakespeare and Goethe (et all) is obtuse. I think the argument is more akin to “if Shakespeare was writing today he would…”.

    I don’t see how a new vision for a classic destroys what you enjoyed about the original. Who is taking that away from you? Are the original episodes (pre-tinkering) out there? Yup. Are pictures of the original design out there? Yup. You don’t own the rights. You only enjoy the…well..enjoyment you had of what you once saw. No one is robbing you of that. So someone changes the vision. Big deal. You still have what you want and a legend finds another audience. Perspective mam. Keep it in perspective.

    Oh…and for the record… fascism is not newer than capitalism. Might want to check the old history book on that one.

  • Thisandthat

    “JJPrise”? Really??

    Nothing like taking a stand for the things that really count. I’m still protesting those schmucks for bringing back the red m&m’s. How dare they!!!! I’m boycotting m&m’s!

    So stand up! Stand up for the things that count!!!!!!! (Cue the Star Spangled Banner). There comes a time when we as a culture say “NO MORE”. They have the audacity to make the nacelles larger? THOSE MANIACS! I will draw my line here! HERE IN THE @#$%ING SAND. My pretend space show is the only thing in this world that is fair and true and if these Hollywood SCUM come along and make the engineering set different then I WILL NOT WATCH THE NEW PRETEND SPACE SHOW! Millions of starving children and death and famine in the world PALE IN COMPARISON to the hull of a pretend space ship looking different!!! FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!

  • Thisandthat

    It’s a parade float brother. A parade float.

  • Jan

    No, im not comparing about the design of a pretend starship to fascism. I was trying to point out, that „newer“ doesn’t automatically equate „better“.

    This new franchise isn’t about redesigned starships and appearance. The very heart of Star Trek has not only been altered, it has completely been changed. The philosophy, the progressive, vastly scientific view of the world, the explorer’s spirit, the promise of a better future of mankind and the galaxy: It all has vanished.

    In my opinion, J.J. Abrams did a terrific job in creating a new Star Wars, which is a decent action movie, but not my cup of tea in philosophical or political manners. I had no problem with the J.J. Abrams movie if it just didn’t claim it was a Star Trek movie. If he just called it different, nobody would be upset and everyone would enjoy it for what it is: a movie full of entertaining sci-fi-battle scenes and the partly annoying overuse of lens flare effects 🙂

    You’re right, that the old episodes still exist. My problem is that all hopes to get a new series on TV were suddenly destroyed, because even if that was possible, it would certainly be about the restarted franchise, not the old one.
    So, J.J. Abrams kind of ruined the franchise for me and a lot of other Star Trek fans, too.

    By the way, fascism is in fact newer than capitalism. It has its roots in the 1880 and formed in 1914 in italy, when the „Fasci d’Azione rivoluzionaria internazionalista“ was published. Early capitalism was established in the later half of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century (French Revolution, industrialization, etc.).

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Half the JJ-pelvic-thrust-nautilo-cracked-windshield-spinny-prise IS the 1701 refit.