Trek Shooting Begins Today


Star Trek 2 has begun filming today, and several facts about the production have emerged.

According to, the movie is being shot on Sony Studios stages in Culver City as well as at the Hollywood Paramount lot.

One place the filming will not be happening is Hawaii. Although J.J. Abrams went to Hawaii to check it out as a possible place to film a “jungle planet” scene, a location in Southern California was ultimately chosen for those scenes.

Star Trek 2 will use more sets, including sections of the USS Enterprise not seen in 2009’s Star Trek XI, than were used in the first film.


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  • Jerellgre

    Is Abrams going to blow up another world?

  • EndeavourNCC1508

    Don’t you mean, “Is Kurtzman and Orci going to blow up another world?” They wrote it that way. He just directed it. I wonder if anyone asked that question during the Star Wars installments.

  • Build a better Engineering set!

  • I can’t wait to see it. By the way, have you heard that Star Trek Online went “Free To Play” today?

    Logan Kane

  • Paul Weaver Uk

    Isn’t this about 30 years too late?

  • LOL What are you smoking?

  • Sector 7

    No more keg parties in Engineering?

  • Razorburn

    Hey,everyone, lay off of Abrams and his staff. It’s been four years since the prequel/reboot and the insults about him and what he has done with Star Trek are really as old as dried up horseshit. If you don’t like what he and the new staff at Paramount have done, then don’t watch it.

    Some fans happen to enjoy what he and the new people have done. I’m one of those fans, and like some, I am looking forward to the next film.

    I mean, Gene Roddenberry once preached the Star Trek philosophy of acceptance and tolerance. Isn’t it about time the fans started practicing what Roddenberry preached?

  • PW

    “Star Trek 2 has begun filming today” — I thought it was shot in the early 80s