Stewart: Wants Film Career


Patrick Stewart is taking a break from the theater to pursue roles in the film industry.

Stewart began his career with the Royal Shakespeare Company, but moved on to television and movies, including his seven years on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and his roles on the X-Men movies.

“I felt it would be a good time to see if I could kick-start a film career,” said Stewart. “I never really had a film career, I had a franchise career, so I’ve made a decision to take eighteen months off and see what happens.”


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  • Texashale

    I would see every movie Patrick Stewart was in. Just hope it’s not another “Robin Hood; Men in Tights”. Mr. Stewart is by far my favorite actor.

  • TJ Trek

    Yes I would watch stewart in anything……except maybe the latest enstalment of American Pie….but then again I don’t think he’de sign up for that.

  • Gary Morris

    He finally looks a tiny bit older. At last. I thought he traded his soul or something

  • Having had the franchise career, he should look into smaller independent films, which may give him the chance to do lead roles and meatier material. Otherwise the standard Hollywood types are going to say they don’t want “Picard” in their movies or they may relegate him to meaningless roles.

  • mvdelaney77

    He looks like he did at the end of Chain of Command after being tortured for days… But he still looks good, mind you.

  • Dave Wilson

    An interesting development; I thought he was content to be back on the British stages. I think it is this that made him a ‘Sir.’ Macbeth, Claudius, et al. Yet he seemed to be getting into a non-Trek film career with X-Men. He’s a bit old for Hollywood leading man roles, and will need to be wary of lesser ‘character’ parts, although those may pay enough to make it worth it. Money vs. Art. I hope he doesn’t just sell out for money. He’s too good for that. We’ll see.

  • TBonz

    I saw him in person in November. He looked amazingly good, especially considering his age.

  • A Humble Man

    Please! I beg you, let’s have one more ST:TNG movie!!! Data can easily be bought back through B4.