Saldana Aids Injured Woman


Star Trek XI‘s Zoë Saldana came to the aid of an injured woman after witnessing a car accident in Los Angeles.

The collision took place in Culver City, and Saldana and another passer-by helped an injured woman out of her car, got her seated, and then Saldana used her cellphone to call 911.

Saldana stayed with the woman until the ambulance arrived, making sure the woman was going to be OK before she left.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  • Woa, she’s a celebrity AND a decent human being!

  • Milojthatch

    Good job Zoe! Stories like this make me happy. There is still hope for humanity. 😀

  • Shikarnov

    That Zoe acted is, indeed, commendable and deserving of praise.

    But I do wish more people would take a few hours to undergo first responder training so they know HOW to respond properly. Unless there is imminent danger, you don’t help an accident victim out of his or her vehicle — or move them at all — because you never know what kind of head, neck, or spine damage might have been done.