Nimoy’s Former House Sold


The house in which Leonard Nimoy and his wife Sandra resided during the late 1960s while he was working on the original series has been sold.

In 1968, while Nimoy was playing Spock on Star Trek, he and wife Sandra Zober purchased a house in the Westwood-area of Los Angeles.

After the Nimoys divorced in 1987, Sandra remained in the house until her death last April. The 3,664 square foot house, built in 1938, was listed for sale for $1.72 million and sold for $1.95 million.

To see what Nimoy’s former house looks like today, head to the site located here, where photos and a video of the residence can be seen.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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  • B.

    ***Yawn***… Who’s interested in this? Today Mr. Nimoy bought a new pair of underwear, yes, that’s right, dark blue with green stripes… Mr. Nimoy commented that “I find the stripes make them more comfortable, it’s illogical, but that’s how they feel to me…”. Soon after his declaration Mr. Nimoy was abducted by communist Vulcans and brought into detention for reeducation… We’ll keep you posted…

  • Keel131

    You didn’t have to look at it. If you can’t say anything decent, keep your whiny-assed comments to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect? This is a STAR TREK NEWS SITE.

    The only major news is there’s a movie that’s not here for 18 months.

    So STAR TREK NEWS will be reported upon – from the trivial to the important.

    That way, people can read the things they want.

    It’s not fucking rocket science. And worse than boring news is people WHINE WHINE WHINE because they were taken by the hand and forced upon fear of death to read the news article.

  • B.

    You’re both missing the point. How can we point out to the webmaster that we want relevent Star Trek news? They know how many people visit the pages, but they can’t know if they like what they find in these pages. Hollywood has the same approach: they look at ticket sales to evaluate how much the people like a movie, even though very often the people leave the theater not feeling that they watched a terrific movie… Commercial success is not artistic or creative success… Criticism is good! America was founded by whiners who wanted a better life… In 1773, the likes of you would have stayed home, frowning at the Sons of Liberty, those damn whiners and trouble-makers… I, at least, tried humor in my criticism, you, on the other hand, are only capable of spitting and despising… If Star Trek was about tolerance and the elevation of humanity, you two certainly don’t get passing grades.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t need to point anything out. It’s not like the site is not covering movie news in favour of this. They cover it all. And this is not directed just at you – it’s to anyone that posts similar.

    With variety people can enjoy the stories that they want to. Or they could follow just the categories/tags that they want at the site.

    Tolerance? Don’t talk to me about tolerance. You think other people shouldn’t have news if you don’t like it!

  • Guest

    B., you’re an idiot.

  • Actually, I do find this interesting. I also wasn’t aware Ms. Zuber had died last year.

  • mvdelaney77

    I found this about as interesting as learning about ugo Zoe Saldana’s dating life… zero.

  • TBonz

    We can’t make up news. When news emerges, we cover it. News has been thin on the ground over the holidays. It should pick up a bit now that production on the next Trek movie is starting, but with Abrams’ secrecy, it’ll be like it was last time, news about actors being “excited,” and praising people involved with the project. The good stuff will be pictures that will emerge, just as they did last movie.

    As for some of the other news, remember, the audience is vast. Some may care about what the actors are doing in their personal lives or other Trek-related things that don’t directly relate to the one project that is in production.

    Finding news 5x a week is not easy. Some sites post old stuff, some will go days without anything at all, we choose to broaden a bit more, not just project news (which is highly-desired), but news about various Trek actors.

  • TBonz

    Be nice. I don’t mind criticism, and it’s not worth fighting over opinions here.

  • TBonz

    Well, when news is really thin, you get a choice. Days of no news, if nothing comes out about either Star Trek 2, or products, or other Trek-related news.

    Everyone has their preferences. For example, I don’t really care as much about the dating/break-up stuff personally, but some might. I did find the house in which Nimoy lived while at the height of playing Spock to be of interest. Some obviously did not.

    I try to post whatever may be of interest. I know that some will find some articles not to their liking, but that comes down to personal preference. All I can say is that when news about the current project (or any Trek products of interest) emerge, you’ll see it here, but when there isn’t much out there, you’ll see stuff about the actors that may not be as important, but that you may or may not find interesting.

  • Keel131

    Now I’m curious as to what kinds of news, vids or articles mydelaney77 likes? He apparently doesn’t want to know anything about any of the actors or what they do in their personal life. What? Just news on their movies or just Trek movies? How limited he must be….. I found the vid of Nimoy’s home interesting…. not entertaining…. interesting. It’s not a home I’d want even if it is a million dollar home. Reminds me of homes out of the 1940’s.

  • mvdelaney77

    I like the Retro Reviews. I like actual Star Trek news. They could provide some coverage from conventions, maybe even interview some people of their own… or just downright steal better material from other blogs, which this is anyway… but this is an example of stealing poor material to repost, not creating original material or stealing good material…

    Why not have a contributor to the site write something about the various methods of time travel / parallel dimension travel, as that’s a pretty big issue for Trek right now… or any other thing that was actually interesting.

    I will admit, I probably wouldn’t have said a word about this article if it didn’t come a day or so after the Zoe Saldana dating article. That’s the one that really got me. It’s not really Star Trek news. And in the same week, they didn’t even bother to put up a picture of a dead Star Trek actor…. oh, they put up a pic, they just didn’t bother or care to make sure it was the right guy… which it wasn’t.

    So yeah, I’d rather have the site for Star Trek. If there isn’t legit Star Trek news and people can’t be bothered to generate content that’s worthwhile, I’d rather no update than an update about people’s personal lives.

    Had this site existed 40 years ago we would’ve destroyed some of the celebrities we most like as of today… what’s that say about 40 years from now?

    That said, before we get any further TMZ-style updates, perhaps consider putting pen to paper and actually generating some content… short of that, you have a huge fanbase of people sitting here, why not ask for submissions of original content from your readers? I’m sure there are plenty of people with plenty of different takes on the franchise that could be interesting if presented in a well thought out, well written article. Ask for them, they’d come… all the people here would have to do would be to edit them.

    That’s just one suggestions for ways to keep content on the site every day if that’s the mandate… Personally, I think the mandate should be news about Star Trek that Star Trek fans would remotely care about. Dating isn’t one of them.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t read what you don’t want to read.


  • mvdelaney77

    Right back at you. You’re free to read what you want, as are the rest of us. We’re free to basically write the response we want, too… and this was my response. If you don’t like it, take your own advice and don’t read it.