Brooks Busted


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Avery Brooks ran into a bit of trouble last weekend.

The police had received a complaint regarding a person “driving erratically near the intersection of Belden Hill and Seir Hill Road” in Wilton, Connecticut. That person turned out to be Avery Brooks.

The actor was arrested on Sunday in Connecticut on suspicion of driving under the influence after failing a sobriety test administered by the police. After being booked, the actor was released, with a court date set for February 9.

Thanks to James G. for the tip!

Source: E! Online

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  • Undead

    “But the most damning thing of all — I think I can live with it. And if I had to do it all over again, I would. Because I can live with it. I CAN live with it!”

  • tomalak301

    I’m sorry but I laughed when the story is about a DUI and the first picture I see his him raising a glass from In the Pale Moonlight. Something really appropriate about that. 😉

  • He’s Innocent

    “The actor was arrested on Sunday in Connecticut on suspicion of driving under the influence after failing a sobriety test administered by the police.”

    The cops resembled Dukat and Weyoun.

  • mvdelaney77

    Well, if his interview in The Captains is any indication, he’s on a lot more than the booze.

  • Cdbutler1204

    You took the words out of my mouth…..given his demeanor in The Captains, how can you really tell if he’s drunk or just being himself?

  • Zeorangerix

    Agreed. Mr. Brooks turned out a fantastic performance as Sisko after the first couple of uneven seasons. He happens to be a favorite captain of mine in-character. I agree, however, with the above observations. Judging by his Captains interview, it’s clear he has problems; not the least of which is the astounding lack of verbal communication skills and a strange sense of reality formed around his obsession with jazz.

  • Btflash55

    he should have just beamed over……

  • guest

    Hilarious! I was going to type the same thing as soon as I saw the story. Funny how we all came up with that right away.

  • Anonymous

    Who is more realistic here as a real person. Avery Brooks or Sisko?
    Sisko is oddly far more acceptable and less weird than Brooks’ seemingly endless episodes of obvious odd, bizarre or quirky behaviour. As said by Ron Moore in 1997; “Avery, like his character, is a very complex man.”
    They say “truth is stranger than fiction”, but seemingly not in this case.

  • Avery is always like that. He’s a very deep, very intelligent, very philosophical man.

  • Kang the Unbalanced


  • daedalus5

    Agreed – his Captain’s interview did not paint him in a good light at all. Very eccentric.

  • Guest

    I loved it!

  • I bet the police were Star Wars fans… if I pulled over Captain Sisko, I wouldn’t arrest him. I don’t think I could bring myself to do it. I’d probably just give him a ride home.

  • Razorburn

    Never cared for DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise and I never will.

    What Avery Brooks did is pretty sad. It almost sounds like something that Dennis Bailey, Vic Mignogna, and the Starship Farragut crew would do, if they partied really hard.

  • voyagergrl3193

    WOW! I can’t believe this. Why do actors do this to themselves? I mean, it’s stupid IMO that great actors turn out going for the drink or drugs. I’m kinda laughing at this article and gasping at the same time.

  • Sector 7

    On a positive note, there were no racially motivated rants, a la Mel Gibson. Mr. Brooks will probably attend rehab or some such, then get his fine and sentence reduced… typical celebrity treatment.