Abrams: Trek 2 Filming Begins This Week


Filming on Star Trek 2 will begin on Thursday, according to J.J. Abrams.

Although Star Trek 2 will eventually be converted to 3D, it will first be filmed in anamorphic format. “We’re shooting on film,” said Abrams, “and the reason for that is that I wanted to shoot with anamorphic, and you can’t shoot 3D in anamorphic.”

Abrams had a reason for wanting to shoot in anamorphic format as opposed to shooting the film in 3D. “It will be converted, for those who want to see it in 3D,” he said. “But, I wanted to match the look of the first one and shoot it anamorphically.”

Expect to see plenty of lens flares, as in Star Trek XI. “I’ve had some people make fun of me about that,” said Abrams. “Yeah, we’ve done some tests. Not only lens flare tests, but we’ve done 3D tests. We actually converted a bunch of the original movie, which looked really good. That was the thing that made me feel like, maybe that would be okay. But, I didn’t want to shoot the movie digitally.”

A 3D Star Trek 2 wasn’t Abrams’ idea originally. “I did not fight for the 3D,” said Abrams. “It was something that the studio wanted to do, and I didn’t want to do it. And then, when I saw the first movie converted in sections, I thought that it actually looked really cool. So, I was okay with their doing it, as long as I could shoot the movie the way I wanted to, in anamorphic film, and then let them convert it. So, those who want to see it in 3D, which looked pretty cool, can do it, and those that want to see it in 2D can do that too.”

Filming is expected to last “four months,” according to Abrams.

Source: Collider

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  • Jason8957

    Star Trek 2????

  • Tron

    2D for me

  • ldude

    maybe “Star Trek 2 II”?

  • I HATE the lens flares. It takes me out of the film because I notice this giant blinding flash of light in my face when I’m trying to concentrate on the facial expressions of the characters.

  • Lancelot du Lac

    Hey, Trek Today. I toured Paramount the day after Labor Day. Any idea what soundstages are being used for the shoot?

  • Star Trek 2: Electric Boogaloo. Now with more lens flares!

  • JWPlatt

    Anamorphic: A-OK. Great decision, not following the 3D sheep.
    Lens Flare: Way worse than 3D. Get over it, JJ. Geez.

    A more cynical person might suspect that lens flare doesn’t work in 3D and that’s the SOLE reason JJ doesn’t want it.

  • Guest

    No lens flares!!

  • Alanscar

    3d is the furture… next step closer to the holideck

  • Anonymous

    Very very happy it’s being shot normally. If he had to make 3D concessions, I think it’d take it downhill.

    Add it on after and sell it to 3D-loving chumps… fine by me.

  • Admsakura

    I am gald to have a secound pair on eye lids( Vulcan) so I can watch the Flare without sunglasses. There is nothing worse than trying to watch something and someone is flashing a light in your face, most annoying

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I am that cynical bastard.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    JJ: I do not want 3D lens flares flying at me.
    I do not want 2D lens flares glaring at me.
    NO ONE wants this. It’s the single biggest complaint about Trek XI.
    Just… stop.

  • Stupid bastard putting those terrible lens flares in. None of the original cast and no trek values whatsoever. I hate abrams. I’d rather have a failed franchise than watch this drivel.

    As the proper Mr Spock would say, Go to Hell.

    Warp speed.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    How do you breathe with your head so far up your ass?