Star Trek iPhone Cases


Another possible gift idea for this holiday season for the Star Trek fan is the Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 case.

Fans owning the iPhone 4 can now protect their phones while showing their love of classic Star Trek with one of four new iPhone 4 cases.

The cases come in one of four styles: Command (yellow), Science (blue), Engineering (red) or Mirror Universe (silver), with the appropriate delta shield design for the first three, and the Mirror Universe sword through the Earth design on the M.U. iPhone case.

Prices on the Star Trek iPhone 4 cases vary from $11.25 to $19.99.

Source: Think Geek

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  • Ardicanos

    No Love for the Droid users?

  • Jediplasm

    yeah! How about a shell that fits my thunderbolt????

  • AdmNaismith

    These are quite attractive in a way so much Trek merchandise lately has not been.

    I like immerssive merch rather than stuff with ‘I <3 SPOCK' and 'KIRK RULZ' emblazoned across my phone.

  • Cat

    Almost worth suffering a crap phone for