Trek 2 To Begin Filming In January

4 Comments is reporting that although Star Trek 2 probably won’t be released until 2013, filming will begin on January 15.

The original script has already been, “done for a while,” according to Roberto Orci, and the writers are working on a third draft. “Rewriting is a good thing which normally makes the script better,” Orci added. “We like to keep pushing the script, even if no one gives us notes.”

Locations are being scouted for the movie, including Hawaii, which is being considered for a “jungle planet.” In addition, a Los Angeles museum will be used for a “famous Star Trek location.” Sets used in Star Trek XI will be brought back out and used again for the sequel.

No plot details have yet been released, and it’s expected that secrecy will be the order of the day, but the new movie will supposedly be “bigger in scope” than Star Trek XI.


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  • Joe

    Dear God, not the Engineering brewery set again. Just a travesty…

  • Seventhbeacon

    LOL, I thought I was watching Willy Wonka during the beam-in scene.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I thought I was watching a bad Willy Wonka ripoff gag. Oh, wait. I was!
    The rest of the movie was good enough to forgive the f… okay, many… faults.

  • Cmiller Iowa

    i wish they’d ditch that plasticky, overly shiny, and impractical bridge design. Ick