Trek 2 Release Date


Fans waiting for Star Trek 2 finally have a release date.

An unexpected opening in the movie release schedule for 2013 has made room for another movie to be released on that newly-vacated weekend and Paramount is taking advantage of that opportunity and releasing Star Trek 2 on May 17, 2013.

Sony had moved Roland Emmerich‘s Singularity from May 17, 2013 to November 1, 2013, so Paramount jumped at the opportunity to take that highly-desirable pre-Memorial Day time slot and they will release Star Trek 2 on that date.

Star Trek 2 will be filmed in 3D.

Source: Deadline

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  • Jubba

    Yawn to 3D.

  • roger1999

    3D? I find that hard to believe.

  • Why oh why oh why are we referring to the new film as Star Trek 2? Hate to remind everyone, that name is taken You might have missed it, it WAS 30 years ago after all. Download a film called Wrath of Khan, really good. THAT’S Star Trek 2. This is Star trek 12.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    No 3D! I can’t fit the dang glasses over my forehead ridges.

  • Anonymous

    abrams i thought said no to 3D. keeping up with the times i guess.

    its’ new star trek 2 🙂

  • Beth

    Yuck, 3D. Can’t wait for that fad to be over.