Star Trek #3 Preview


An eight-page preview of IDW Publishing‘s Star Trek #3, the continuing adventures of the new Enterprise crew, is available now.

In Star Trek #3, “Mr. Spock finds himself in command of a stranded shuttle crew fighting for survival,” in a re-imagining of the original series episode The Galileo 7.

Written by Mike Johnson, Star Trek #3 features art by Stephen Molnar and covers by Tim Bradstreet and Joe Corroney. The issue is thirty-two pages in length and will sell for $3.99. Star Trek #3 goes on sale tomorrow.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger pictures. More pages can be found at the referring site.

Source: Comics Continuum

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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    My gripe with this series is it is a straight retelling with the new cast and window trimmings, with nothing new to say, no new take on the episodes in question.

  • Greg Chin

    At least there’s more room inside the “new-take” shuttlecraft. As for the new-take Enterprise, I can’t understand why the Bridge has a forward window wall. It looks like a window, and you can’t tell me it isn’t a window. In the new-take movie, the USS Kelvin’s window wall cracked at the end of the ship’s service-life.