Shatner: Beware Exploding Turkeys!


With the American Thanksgiving holiday approaching, William Shatner and insurance company State Farm have created “Eat, Fry, Love,” a tongue-in-cheek video warning about the dangers of turkey fryers.

Shatner has used a turkey fryer himself in the past. “I love to fry turkey and have been doing it for years but I am not immune to frying accidents,” he said.

The actor is well-qualified to speak to the public regarding turkey fryer accidents, having been the victim of one himself. “In fact, my family now gathers together to watch my mishaps,” Shatner said. “Several years ago I was even burned on my arms after accidently dropping the turkey in the hot oil. People need to remember that hot oil and turkey can be a dangerous combination.”

The video dramatizes Shatner’s own deep-fryer experience. Tips are given at the end of the video regarding how to properly use a turkey fryer, which include a caution about using too much oil, when to turn off the turkey fryer flame, where to fry the turkey (away from the house and not on a wooden deck), turkey preparation prior to deep frying and keeping a grease-fire-approved extinguisher nearby when using the deep fryer.

Source: Winnipeg Free Pressvia PR Newswire




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  • I want a turkey fryer!!!!!! 8) Does it come with Bill Shatner? I want one that comes with Bill Shatner! I love bill Shatner!! 😉

  • Actually, Captain Kirk was my first love. Then my boyfreind (now husband) told me that Kirk shagged every female in the known universe. I was heartbroken. I never knew that when we came back from commercial and he was putting on his boots and she was combing her hair…. I just couldn’t admit it. I still have nightmares!

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    You want to deep fry Bill Shatner too??