Del Toro For Trek 2 Villain?


The rumor mill is cranking up when it comes to Star Trek 2, and the latest information to emerge is that J.J. Abrams has an actor in mind for a villain for the movie.

Benicio Del Toro is the actor expected to be offered the part soon. According to Variety, Del Toro has already met with Abrams.

An actor and film producer, Del Toro won an Academy Award for his role as a Mexican cop in 2000’s Traffic. He has recently completed Savages, where he played a drug cartel enforcer. Savages will release next September.

It is not yet known what kind of villain Del Toro will be playing.

Source: Variety

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  • If they do cast him as Khan, one wonders how Indians actually feel about that. This would be the second time that the Indian Sikh is portrayed by a hispanic actor.

  • Jubber

    I can’t imagine they’d do Kahn. I’m sure they can think of something original.

  • Why? They couldn’t think to do anything other than rehash characters from 40+ years ago with their first effort, what makes anyone think they’ll improve on that for the second?

  • they won’t do the khan plotline if they do it will be in star trek ongoing no i suspect star trek xii is abrams answer to star trek 2 twok

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Yeah, I mean rehash Star Trek characters in a Star Trek movie? Really?

  • 137th Gebirg

    Who EVER said it was Khan? A few days ago, they said the main bad guys in the next movie would be Klingons. He’s probably going to be the top Klingon – probably a Kruge/Chang-type character. And yes, I do think he’ll be able to pull it off with ease.

  • Well, let’s get pissy. NOBODY SAID IT WAS KHAN. I said, “If”… Hey, I’m not the one who wanted to put a derelict Botony Bay at the end of the last movie… THEY DID. So don’t jump on me for couching a comment in a possibility they raised.

    Now, how about I become the douche and point out that Kruge and Chang weren’t remotely similar characters… so, what, was that just supposed to mean? A Klingon? How nice that cranial ridges equal a similar character… good to know.

  • Anonymous

    They said it won’t be Khan but they could be throwing us fake bones (the five ideas Orci or one of the writers through out like Mitchel or Talosians or Trulane or Jones). So he could play anybody, even Trulane but that would be odd. He would be a good Khan but it could be an even better rugged Klingon.

    Trulane probably would be a better fit for a comedic or eccentric playing actor like Jim Carrey or Robin Williams.

  • Razorburn

    Considering the fact that he played an ill-fated villain in the 1989 James Bond film ‘Licence To Kill’, I think he could play another ill-fated adversary in a Star Trek film really well.