Star Trek 2 Rumor


If rumor proves to be correct, some familiar aliens will be the villain of the next Star Trek movie.

Trek Brasilis, a Star Trek website written in Portuguese for Brazilian Trek fans, claims that a reliable source provided the information to them. Spoilers below the cut.

According to Trek Brasilis (with help from Yahoo! Babel Fish translations), a rumor has arrived at Trek Brasilis, from a sufficiently trustworthy source, revealing that the villains of the new film will be the Klingons.

The same source claimed that there will not be time-travel in Star Trek 2.

Remember, this is merely rumor at this point and may end up being incorrect.

For those who can read Portuguese, the actual quote was: “Um rumor que chegou ao Trek Brasilis, de uma fonte bastante confiável, revela que os vilões do novo filme serão realmente os……… Klingons e não teremos mais viagens no tempo.”

Source: Trek Brasilisvia Comic Book Movie

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  • Bobby

    Oblig Simpsons quote: “AGAIN with the Klingons.”

  • Tndavis_05

    Could be interesting, Klingons make the best villians.

  • Anonymous

    Klingons were supposed to be introduced into the first film to explain the 20 year hiatus with Nero but that idea overplotted the script and was cut.

  • Cdbutler1204

    Are we going to see the Klingons with the ridges, or the Klingons who look like humans?

  • Ddetkowski

    if you use google chrome, it will translate the entire page to english.

  • NCC-1701

    You can see the deleted scenes from Star Trek on the DVD and BluRay special features that shows the scenes with the Klingons and Nero… They seem to wear helmets and dressed up with large brown cloaks….