Quinto: Trek Fans Supportive


After his announcement this weekend that he was gay, Zachary Quinto has received plenty of support from Star Trek fans and the public.

Quinto made the decision to come out after the suicide of fourteen-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, and he hopes that his decision to come out publically will make people stop and think and act when it comes to prejudice and bullying. “We have to change the discourse and we have to let people know that there’s a real spirit of openness and acceptance, and not of judgment and hatred and intolerance,” he said. “And if me standing up and making this declaration in any way feeds that notion, then I’m even happier to do it.”

Star Trek fans have joined with others in giving Quinto their support after his announcement. “I have been met with nothing but support, from everyone, in the past couple of days since I made that announcement,” he said. “My Star Trek fans have always been incredibly supportive of everything that I’ve done, and I’m certainly glad to see that that remains the case. I’m just really overwhelmed by and grateful for the unanimous outpouring of love and encouragement from literally all over the world, which I did not anticipate when I made that announcement. I did not imagine what an impact it would have, and from the feedback I’ve gotten, what a positive impact it’s been.”

Asked if it was time for Star Trek to include a gay character, Quinto said that that would depend upon the motives for including one. “Oh…I don’t know the answer to that question,” he said. “Not just for the sake of having one. But if there’s a way to incorporate that aspect of our social structure in a creatively integrous way, then I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it. But I’m not a big fan of doing anything just for the sake of doing it, so I think there’d have to be a real undercurrent of purpose if that was the case, and I mean creatively, not just politically.”

Speaking of Star Trek, according to Cinema Blend, Quinto is ready for the next Trek movie. Star Trek 2 is on the “imminent horizon,” said Quinto, and as soon as he finishes his publicity tour for Margin Call, he will, he said, “go back to L.A. after this trip and start to prep for it and we go in the beginning of the year and so everything’s gearing up.”

Source: StarTrek.com

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  • Lova ya Zachary. And proud of you too.

  • Crollinsphoto

    He should hang his head in shame for not choosing a normal lifestyle. What about all the other people that are getting bullying? Children that say they are Christians I guarantee you are bullied more than gays but you won’t see that on the news. Yes, Takei is gay and when he came out I vowed never to support the TOS any more, now that Quinto has admitted to the unthinkable, I’ll not support the new Trek either. Sad day in Star Trek fandom. 24 of my friends have already said they are leaving Star Trek also, the list will grow and their next movie will not do as well, believe me.

  • Guest

    Crollinsphoto: How did you watch Star Trek for so long and never notice that you didn’t agree with any of its messages?

    I’m glad Quinto has found the balance of Trek fans to be supportive…because this site sure has its fair share of the other kind.

  • JTK1

    I’m glad Quinto came he is hot !

  • Ryan Weaver

    You realize how stupid you sound? I mean you don’t support a show from 45 years ago, because an actor is gay? Seriously, you might as well not watch any TV or movie, because I guarantee there is at least one actor or actress in the cast of the movie or TV show you are watching that is gay, unless you are watching a religious channel.

    Also, Star Trek has always promoted the message to accept that which is different. TNG’s “The Outcast” was definitely a message about homosexuality. Not to mention the famous episode of DS9.

    And kids are getting bullied because they are Christian? Really? They are putting out that propaganda now? Geez, most of us here were bullied for being nerds. So, because that’s not a normal lifestyle, it’s wrong?

  • Guest

    Spock sucks cock. Vulcan taint grip.

  • I am simply shocked by what I read on this site. Absolutely shocked. I can’t believe the ignorance and hatefulness of some people. It saddens me because the message of Star Trek is that we accept everyone and work together. I never thought I would read these backward, Bible-thumping, ignorant, uneducated comments on this site.

    Zachary, we love you! Do not allow these pathetic people to get to you.

  • Choose? Yeah, I’m sure you woke up at 13 and made a decision to be straight. Such an ignorant and pathetic comment.

  • Gauling

    On the previous thread regarding this issue, you stated that you would never have anything more to with Star Trek, yet here you are still commenting and obviously checking up on the latest news regarding Star Trek. It calls into question your credibility. Can you explain this inconsistency?

  • Foo

    In other news, Chris Pine announces he is straight and dates hot chicks. Lots of men and women are very supportive of Chris. According to Chris, “This is hardest thing I had to do, I like girls … I can’t help it. If Shatner can hook up with a green chick, then certainly I can handle Hollywood girls.” Many other males have decided to announce they are straight.

  • Crollinsphoto

    Trust me dude, I am very educated on homosexuality, aids, hiv. I know many homos who have chosen to leave that lifestyle and chosen to be straight and their lifestyle is much cleaner now. Talk about being ignorant, you have no idea. I’m more educated than you know so don’t assume you know me or you will be so very embarrassed in the end.

  • Astroglider

    It’s not the gay aspect of it that’s unhealthy. The “unclean” aspects are not tied to being gay. The most popular “unclean” aspects – unprotected sex, drug and alcohol use, kinky sexual practices (straight people like to pick on BDSM in particular), are just as popular with straight people. It’s very easy to be gay and be “clean”, and it’s through the same ways that straight people stay “clean”: committed partnerships, safe sex, lay off the drugs and alcohol, stay out of stupid and dangerous situations, and above all being honest with and about yourself.
    And as for your education:
    It seems to come from the ’70s Frisco scene.

  • Astroglider

    And he does both better than you ever did.

  • Crollinsphoto

    Messages are one thing, implications are totally different than outright admission. I do have to hand it to Abrams, he hasn’t brought the gay storyline in yet like New Voyages did.

  • Crollinsphoto

    I choose everyday to be straight because it is a lifestyle of choice.

  • Crollinsphoto

    Yep, because I will slam homosexuality every time I can.

  • crollinsphoto

    Yeah, that is what we need. All the straight people come out and announce proudly they are straight. Then we will see just how tolerant the gays are. They preach that they want more tolerance but they themselves are intolerant of those who differ with them, they cannot practice what they preach. These posts prove it.

  • Astroglider

    Why is it a choice you have to make every day?

  • Astroglider

    Be proud of who you are.
    And to you especially, stop being ashamed of who you are not.

  • Guest

    Wow that was deep. I am perfectly happy that I have *no* experience in this. Have you been Quintoed?

  • Astroglider

    How would you know? Can you tell me how many of those characters are gay? Bisexual? Or for that matter, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Moslem?
    No you can’t, because it’s not relevant to the story. In terms of the story it doesn’t matter a damn who those people worship or where they stick their willies. They are part of the crew, and they do their jobs and by and large get along with each other.
    Take it as a lesson for life. They’re not your enemies, they’re not out to get you or destroy your little world, they’re not queers, fags, homos, whatever epithet you prefer. they’re human beings, and they are here in this world just as you are.

  • Astroglider

    So in other words… you are hanging around a fan site for a show that has tolerance and understanding as core beliefs, hating the show for years because it has 2 homosexual actors, on the off-chance that someone will come out so you can bash them?

  • NonGlidingFormula


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    Astroglider: Deep Impact From Quintoed

  • Astroglider

    “Astroglider: Deep Impact From Quintoed”

    Celebrity endorsements you can trust!

  • Milojthatch

    “We have to change the discourse and we have to let people know that there’s a real spirit of openness and acceptance, and not of judgment and hatred and intolerance…”

    -Zachary Quinto

    And of the gays who actually practice this principle themselves, I have no issue. But for the many, many gays who demand “tolerance” and then fail to give it back to those who are more religious, boo to you all! It’s a two way street. You can’t ask for “tolerance” and then act like a mad dog to those who disagree with you. Hate can be found from all sides here, and that doesn’t help the situation.

    “Tolerance” by the way does not mean you have to agree with the other side 100%, despite current sentiment. A person can fully disagree with someone and still treat them with kindness and respect.

  • Ensignahkinum

    Nazi-Era Germany had the most highest-educated people on the planet during that time and they did let their society happen. Education does not make you a better person. I don’t know any gay-people who bully and kill straight people because they are straight. But, I have seen growing up in the U.S., many straight people do this to gay-people.

  • Ryan Weaver

    To me it sounds like you are struggling with being gay or straight. I know I am straight, because the thought of being with a woman is exciting and the thought of being with a man grosses me out. I didn’t chose that. Gay people are the same way, the only difference is they are oppressed for acting on their natural feelings (again see the episode “The Outcast”). Yes, seeing two men together in public grosses me out, but then so does seeing two overweight people. But I realize that the two men have the same rights as the two overweight people to be in love.

    By the way, I respect your beliefs that you think homosexuality is wrong. I get you are a Christian. I respect that, too. Just be a good Christian and learn to love and tolerate, because that’s what the religion is all about. What people are trying to do like George and Quinto here is make it so that people are not getting oppressed or bullied.

  • Mmwantinganaffair

    Why is it you have to make a choice of robbing a bank or not every day?

  • Mmwantinganaffair

    You can love the person and hate the actions.