Quinto: Ready For Star Trek 2


Zachary Quinto has plenty on his plate, work-wise, but he is looking forward to beginning work on Star Trek 2.

Some actors have definite ideas on what they want their characters to do or how they want to see them develop, but Quinto is not one of them. “I just am excited to read what those guys have come up with,” he said, when asked what he would like to see when it comes to Spock.

“I have such implicit trust in their ability to tell compelling and dynamic stories that I’m just really eager to know where we’re going,”  Quinto added. “I’ll go wherever they take me. So, I’ll be interested and ready whenever the time comes.

And what about the Spock-Uhura romance and fan reaction to it? “I tend not to get too caught up in people’s reactions to stuff, creatively,” said Quinto. “For me, it worked one hundred percent in that movie. It created a different kind of dimension to both of those characters than we’ve ever seen in the Trek universe before. And there was a real undercurrent of heart to that part of the storyline, I thought. I’m actually really interested to see where it goes from here.”

Now working on American Horror Story, where he plays Chad, the former owner of a haunted house, Quinto’s next project after that will be Star Trek 2. “I’m going to be in full prep for the next Trek movie by the time I get back to L.A. in November,” he said. “I’ll finish American Horror Story in that time and then we start (Star Trek 2) in January.”

Source: StarTrek.com




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