Boldly Heading Into The Afterlife


Some new products have been recently released, or will release soon, that will be of interest to Star Trek fans wanting to depart life in Star Trek style.

Eternal Image, Inc. has released an officially-licensed line of Star Trek-themed cremation caskets and will soon release Star Trek-themed cremation urns.

Crafted from fiberboard and cloth, the official Star Trek cremation caskets offer a new and previously unavailable option for families of Trek fans that have arranged a traditional viewing followed by cremation for their loved one’s remains. The casket is cremated along with the remains.

There are three models of caskets from which to choose: Star Fleet Delta, Federation of Planets, and for fans of the Klingon Empire, a Klingon casket. The suggested retail price for a Trek casket is $1,374.

“Our Star Trek cremation caskets provide customers with a complete package for their loved one’s cremation service,” said Nick Popravsky, VP of Sales & Marketing for Eternal Images, Inc. “We will soon be announcing the availability of a new Star Trek cremation urn that will provide the perfect complement to this cremation casket line.”

Pictures of each casket can be seen on the Eternal Image website.

Source: GlobeNewswirevia Eternal Image

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  • dup

    Seriously? Why does this not look like a photon torpedo?

  • If I hadn’t signed up for cryonics, this would so be in my will.

  • Seriously, must have the photon torpedo casing. How else am I to get launched to the Genesis planet so I can be reborn?

  • Anonymous

    Trek could never gets its story straight about future medicine. They can travel faster than light and beam things around; yet Capt. Picard went through life bald at the same time minoxidil came onto the market in the real world, and while an occasional human character lived past 100 (and looked like hell), the health care in “the future” couldn’t rejuvenate people and keep them healthy indefinitely, unless the plot required it to do so to save a character with accelerated aging.

    If Trek really wanted to break new ground, it could have borrowed from Damon Knight’s story “The Dying Man,” where a character in a society of extremely long-lived people learns that her boyfriend has started to age and will eventually die, and she exclaims, “But that doesn’t happen to people!

  • Efeigenbaum

    Maybe it’s just me but this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  • Kes’N santi-Martock

    It’s a great idea for true Star Trek Fans who want to go
    out with a BANG what better than a TREK cASKET.