Abrams Commits To Star Trek 2


According to Vulture, J.J. Abrams will indeed be directing Star Trek 2.

“Insiders familiar with the director’s plans” told Vulture that pre-production on Star Trek 2 was underway; the script is set to be completed by the end of this month; and Star Trek 2 will begin shooting this winter.

Supposedly, part of the delay was due to the lack of availability of Alex Kurtzman, who had been working on Welcome to People. But now Kurtzman’s work on that project has been completed and he is ready to turn his attention to Star Trek 2.

Source: Vulture

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  • Hopingforbetter

    I wonder how many plot contrivances they’ll be able to squeeze into this one?

  • Gauling

    And lens flares. Don’t forget the lens flares.

  • maybe…just maybe…Captain Braxon of the timeship Aeon will set the record straight with the ACME Reset Time Box…?

  • KirkArcher

    Warp speed engage kapla

  • KirkArcher

    Doubt their will be Fluidic Space this thme

  • 2..? wasn’t the last one referred to as 11/XI ?

  • Anonymous

    The title of “2” does not amuse me.

    To top that off, at Star Trek: The Exhibition, the new movie was referred to as “Star Trek”– that’s it. What happened to “XI”? It happens to be only thing that distinguishes which movie is in talks during conversation.

    I feel like we’re working with amateurs.


  • KirkArcher

    We are the amateurs that gave it a nnumber . Its a begining is why its has not a number .

  • KirkArcher

    Also with VI didn’t they stop numbering

  • Anonymous

    I understand, sir. I main issue is seeing it labeled as “2”… it is quite obviously not number two.