Star Trek Battlestations Slots


This summer, a new Star Trek slots game debuted and is now available in twenty-one states.

In Star Trek Battlestations, up to four players engage in a battle between the United Federation of Players and the Klingon Empire.

According to a press release, players of Star Trek Battlestations will “sit down at a four-machine bank with each slot using BOSER 3SPACER Surround Sound Gaming Chairs and dual 52-inch, high-definition LCD video monitors. The Surround Sound Gaming Chair allows players to hear, see and feel their gaming experience thanks to next-generation graphics and our innovative surround sound audio system that places players inside the game, and the classic show.”

Star Trek Battlestations features voice-overs from William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

“During base game play, ship construction symbols landing on the reels build a portion of a Federation ship that, when completed, increases the power of players’ fleets for greater potential wins in the bonus rounds. Every time a ship completes construction, Spock (reprised by Leonard Nimoy) tells players what kind of ship they won and what the bonus win multiplier each ship is worth – a Destroyer is worth 2x, a Heavy Cruiser 3X, a Space Station 5x, and a Battle Station worth 10x. Each player can accumulate up to five ships in their fleet to take into communal bonus battles.

“Community bonus rounds come in two exciting variations: the Rogue Ship bonus and the Battle Bonus. Once a community bonus is triggered, guaranteed to go off at least every eight minutes, each player in the bank carries their fleet into an exciting bonus round. In the Battle Bonus, an armada of Klingon ships appears on the overhead screens. Players touch their base screen to pick from a grid of possible ships at which they want to shoot, and if they successfully blast the enemy ship out of the sky, they are warded a random credit amount that is multiplied by the value of the Federation ship that fired the shot. But beware: the Klingons shoot back, and could destroy a ship in each player’s fleet. Ships surviving each bonus round are promoted in rank, making them worth higher multipliers in the next community bonus round that triggers.”

Star Trek Battlestations slots are available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. Approval from other states is still pending.

Source: WMSslots on Facebook

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  • Seventhbeacon

    Paramount sure has the lobes for business. If it costs Star Trek its soul in the process? *shrug*

  • Anonymous

    The first Star Trek slot machine by WMS was WAY better. Bring it back!! It had many more bonus games and you could create a profile. This new Battlestations game is terrible. You can only reach the community bonus round by max betting ($3.00 a spin) every time. I’ve never gone through so much money in such a short time in all the years I’ve been going to Vegas. Even this years con at the Rio, every other time I walked by the game, most of the seats were empty for this new game. I guess other Star Trek fans agree, it’s lame.

  • bllss71

    where are the star trek slot machines in missouri. what casinos?