Quinto Star Trek 2 Speculation


According to Zachary Quinto, there is a “goldmine of drama” to be explored in Star Trek 2.

Quinto is happy that there is a bit of delay in making that sequel though. “It makes people miss it a little bit,” he said, “you know what I mean? We had a lot of goodwill around that first movie. So I feel like people are going to be ready for a second one by the time it comes out. It’s not like ‘Already? Really? Again?”

Star Trek 2 could “go anywhere,” says Quinto, and Vulcan’s fate as laid out in Star Trek XI is not necessarily set in stone. “I imagine we’re going to pick up right where we left off, but it could be a completely different timeline,” he said. “They’ve basically now created a device that allows them to go anywhere with it. I mean, we could be in a parallel universe; we could be in a parallel time. That’s the joy of science-fiction. Vulcan could be back.”

Source: ITN

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  • I’m glad Quinto is not writing Trek XII! Playing fast and loose with time-travel as a plot device effectively removes the peril, and if there’s no peril, there can’t be any drama.

  • CDub

    They’d be better off leaving Vulcan destroyed. I dont imagine that if they are only going to have a movie every so many years that they have any need of another Vulcan-centric story anyway.

  • Crollinsphoto

    The alternate time line is a great avenue to bring William Shatner back as they did Nimoy. It is so easy to do, it was Kirk’s “echo” that left the nexus and got killed, the real Kirk is still in there waiting to come out..see? Simple.

  • Patrick McWilliams

    Simple, except echoes can’t leave. And the real Kirk (played by Chris Pine) is in command of the Enterprise; we don’t need two Kirks running around just to see the Shat “in action one last time, again… again…”

  • The “real Kirk”? ROTFLMAO!!!!

  • Patrick T. McWilliams

    I said that on purpose, to mock people who whine about bringing back Shatner. According to licensed, official canon, yes, Pine is the “real Kirk.” Pick your “A” back up off the “F” and get over it.