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A Gay Character in Star Trek 2?

Posted by T'Bonz - 04/08/11 at 02:08 pm

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Although he hadn’t really given thought to the issue, J.J. Abrams is open to the idea of a gay character in Star Trek 2.

Star Trek has always been considered to be progressive and groundbreaking, but there has never been an identifiable gay character, although there were stories which dealt with homosexuality in an oblique way.

Abrams confessed to being surprised that during the years of the televised Star Trek, that there was never a gay character in any of the shows. “You know what’s funny? As someone who was never a huge Star Trek fan and I didn’t watch the shows,” he said. “And my experiences with the movie was the first series and then watching and re-watching some of the movies that I’ve seen. I’m frankly shocked that in the history of Star Trek there have never been gay characters in all the series. In Deep Space Nine and all the Enterprises that that’s never come up.”

According to Abrams, it’s a bit trickier to have a gay character in a movie than in a television series, due to the time and story limitations. “Where in a movie when you got those two hours, it usually is a broader stroke thing, and the question is how do you do it in a film that doesn’t feel like you’re shoehorning in something that has meaning to you in a piece of entertainment that doesn’t otherwise have room for it,” he said. “So that’s the trick. So honestly I’m stunned that it’s not been something that’s been overtly, you know, dramatized. What an ideal opportunity on one of those shows to have that be an ongoing storyline.”

But now that he’s aware that of the lack of gay characters, will Abrams do something about it for Star Trek 2? “Well, thank you for bringing this up for me,” he told AfterElton, “because honestly this was not in the list of my priorities to try to figure out how to make this movie in the best possible way. But it will now be in the hopper. And it’s one of those things I’ll bring up with the writers next time we meet.”

Source: AfterElton


  • Bruno Bibi

    Even in nature there are homosexual individuals and if they are so lucky as to be alphas, they won’t be challenged. It’s been observed with wolves. But non-alphas are hunted down and killed usually.

    Obviously, your argument is logical but if sex only serves a biological imperative, why do human females stay sexually active after they are no longer fertile? I’m sure you’ll find another logical answer, but logic is not explanation, it is conjecture and hypothesis here. The human body is not built logically: what purpose does a tooth ache serve when you cannot do anything about it? Wouldn’t it have been more logical to have teeth with no nerves, like those of sharks?

    If men have conscience, and if their will is stronger than instinct, then how would loving someone be determined by instinct alone? Christianity is entirely based on the notion that men must live by rules and ideals and disregard pulsions. And we do that everyday. Men THINK, thanks to the neocortex, and they are not determined by the reptilian brain or the mammalian brain… If choosing a mate is a conscient choice, and love is – not lust -, than the biological imperative is not all and does not explain everything… And science won’t explain anything because this whole issue is philosophical… And by the way, I have a Ph.D. – and no, I did not buy it from a phoney university – so don’t lecture me on science please…

  • Tobey

    And you think that you have anything intelligent to say? Ha!

  • Daisyduke

    OMG. ENough already. Does every show and movie in existence have to have one?

  • Paul E

    No… please, leave this last one thing sacred.

  • Paul E

    Yes, yes they are. No more touchy-feely, I’m goin’ to war.

  • Paul E

    I could not agree more. What the LGBT community does behind closed doors is between them and God, but I am super-tired of having it shoved down my through through the popular media, and of 2% of the population shoving it down my throat through same-sex marriage laws, and it’s time to fight back. This is out of hand. I am a traditional values person, and I am beginning to fight the LGBT agenda drastically, and this would, indeed, be the last straw. It’s not hate I’m selling, it’s values, and the uncluttered proper family of a man and a woman. Enough is enough.

  • Paul E

    What’s truly ignorant, is how it’s so easy for you to allow this abomination to continue to propagate. It’s like you want your destruction, and the destruction of this nation, as if begging for it.

  • Paul E

    It is morally ignorant to believe anyone from the LGBT community spewing their garbage at the 90% of us who dislike that lifestyle, but tolerate it, anyway, is right in any way. Let them do what they want behind closed doors. I love my best friend, but I don’t want to stick my tongue in his ear, or worse… I love him for who he is, and if he decided to be gay, as long as he kept it to himself, behind closed doors, as I would with my wife, then I have no problem remaining his friend.

  • Paul E

    If the individual is featured and is not making a statement, is not getting cozy with another gay character or co-star, then what’s the point in trying to write it into the movie. No, many people want to see homosexuality in Star Trek. The people who make The Next Voyages or whatever that web series is, tackled homosexuality, and I signed off from them immediately because they had one guy laying on top of another guy… how does that enhance the story line at all? I agree, we all know there are homosexuals in the world, and how we view them being up to us, and what they do on their own time, behind closed doors, is up to them. It should stay that way, and off my television or movie screen.

  • Paul E

    I absolutely agree with you, here, and it’s a well-placed argument. Perhaps the movie raters need to add a separate tag stating that homosexual themes are in films?

  • Paul E

    Yes, actually, it would be.

  • Paul E

    No, the wink wink would NOT be welcome. Homosexuality is not a normal, natural lifestyle, it is an abhorrent abomination, and until people get that through their brains, we’re going to continue to have problems. If you’re not gay, you and they should find a new island to go to where this really does become a non-issue.

  • Paul E

    But we all know that already. It doesn’t have to be further forced down our throats, especially in a movie “universe” where it doesn’t matter, and shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Paul E

    If it’s a disease of the mind, why not portray it as such?

  • Paul E

    Believe it or not, I actually liked this one. I never watched Lost, I loved Alias but would have stopped watching it if there were a recurring gay character introduced, and though I’ve only watched a couple episodes of Fringe because I don’t care for the all-too-X-Files feel of it, had they a recurring gay character, I wouldn’t watch that, either. The market, including television and movies, is run by what it, and the people, can bear. There have been so many gay shows and movies, now, that people with straight leanings, are beginning to not watch them, anymore. I can almost guarantee you will see a decline over the next several years of homosexuals being depicted in television shows. Then, perhaps, we can get back to watching stories, rather than love affairs between same-sex people.

  • Paul E

    Yes, a man will not lay with a man, and a woman will not lay with a woman, against the natural use of the body.

  • Paul E

    He wasn’t quoting the Bible as a matter of scientific fact if, indeed, you would read his post carefully enough. He simply said the Bible says it’s evil. The Bible also says in the last days people will call good evil, and evil will be called good. That’s what’s happening, in spades, with this homosexuality issue. I’m called a hater because I believe in traditional family values that have been harbored on this Earth for 4,000+ years, and because I do read my Bible.

  • Paul E

    Ummm yeah, no… God gave every single person a free will, a mind that is able to choose. A person with little to no appropriate faithful or religious upbringing and, yes, some who are, is more likely to commit crimes, have diseases of the mind, experiment with illegal substances, run away from home, commit suicide and, yes, become gay, which is its own form of eternally-based suicide. Not everyone, but most.

  • Paul E

    It is well-known, by research through multiple organizations, that 2% of the population, supported by another 7% who are not gay, and followed by 49% who are too scared to look like a hater to answer the polls with anything but approval for the gay lifestyle, exist. 10% may be looking for a same-sex partner to experiment with, but of those 96% will return to heterosexuality because their brain is screaming, finally, that homosexuality it wrong.

  • Paul E

    I was one of them they lost. Producers are going to have pull their heads out of their collective fourth-point-of-contact soon and realize we, as a society, are NOT open to having the gay lifestyle shoved down our throats. It is a disease of the mind that allows for a crooked choice, is not natural, and it should not be involved in my life, which at present it really is.

    Finally, this is the last sacred cow we straights seem to have, so please don’t put a homosexual in the next Star Trek movie.

  • Anonymous

    I know what you mean. Religion (not saying you are religious) is similar. A cancer that infects the mind. It turns rational adults into mindless automatons, doing what they’re told. And no one’s looking for a cure.

    I get fed up with religion shoved into my face… and like any disease it tries to spread, and make other people believe it so that it can propagate.

    One day I hope for a cure to religion.

  • Anonymous

    God is all-seeing. He can create people exactly how they should be. He knows before they created who they will be.

    To say that those people didn’t turn out as they should is an insult to God. You are saying He doesn’t know how to create Man. Who do you think you are?

    Everything is for a reason. That criminal is created to allow someone to save him, or to remind others of what is wrong vs right. Just like God made love making pleasurable, he gave men prostates so that gay men could enjoy making love too. After all, why would he put something pleasurable up there if he didn’t want men to do that?

    Everything is there for a reason… you are too small to try and believe you know better than God. If He didn’t want something to happen, he would have made us not to do it.