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TNG Coming To Blu-Ray In 2012?

Posted by Christian - 27/07/11 at 06:07 am

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According to the Digital Bits, CBS may be preparing a Star Trek: The Next Generation – Remasteredpackage for release on Blu-Ray sometime in 2012.

A challenge for any release of TNG in high definition has always been that, unlike the Original Series, the show was edited directly on low-resolution video. Presenting the series in high-defintion would probably require redoing the editing from scratch, and then adding new special effects. Fans may be able to judge whether or not CBS will be able to pull this off as soon as this year, as the Digital Bits noted that the studio is currently working on a sampler disc containing four episodes that might be made available as early as this year

  • Maab

    ..and the episodes will most likely be Encounter at Farpoint, All Good Things, and Best of Both Worlds parts 1 and 2.

  • Anthony Noccolino

    I don’t see how they could do this without going back and re-doing all of the special effects. While the actual filming took place on film…the EFX did not.

  • Martin Lejeune

    The models were shot on film and only composited on video, Shots from Farpoint were redone for Generations.

  • Clifford Simmons

    I wouldn’t mind if they did redo the Special FX, particularly if they used blue phasers instead of orange. That certainly would be one improvement.