The Captains Preview Clip


Courtesy of EPIX, we’re able to share with you an exclusive preview clip from William Shatner’s The Captains documentary, airing this Friday. The clip shows Shatner reacting to a surprise appearance by Patrick Stewart at a Trek convention:

The Captains will be airing as part of EPIX’ Shatnerpalozaa extravaganza, which will kick off this Thursday with Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet. For those whose cable systems don’t carry EPIX, a free two-week trial can be obtained here, enabling U.S. visitors to watch The Captains and other Shatnerpalooza events online.

Source: Epix




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  • Lee Connelly

    Looking forward to seeing the show.

  • JW

    What about us UK fans?

  • Petsu

    Yes, what about us UK fans. Do we get to see it?