Coto Talks Cloning Shatner

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He may have left Star Trek behind him, but former Enterprise showrunner Manny Coto proved this week he’s still got a lot of science fiction concepts stuck in his head.

“I would reboot Star Trek, with a young William Shatner,” Coto told the Hollywood Reporter, when asked which show he’d most love to reboot. “We clone William Shatner: If I start now, in 15 years, we’d have a young Kirk. Someone’s has to talk to Shatner to give up some DNA before he dies because it’s not that far away in terms of geekdom. Fifteen years is not a long time, 15 years will be here before we know it and we could have a young Captain Kirk. Do you think my wife would agree to carry it to term? That’s interesting. Honey?”

Coto spoke to the Hollywood Reporter at Comic-Con, where he took part in a panel on his current show Dexter. He’s been attending the show since the ’80s, but said that his fondest Comic-Con memory still has to do with Trek: “I ran Season 4 of Star Trek: Enterprise and the best thing I hear from fans is, ‘Your season of Enterprise was the best season of all the Star Treks,’ which always makes my heart warm. I started off as a Star Trek fan, and to be able to work on the series was a great honor.”

Coto made it quite clear he’s still a big Trek fan, revealing that although he’s never dressed up as a Trek character — last year he did dress up his son! “He was 1 and he went as Captain James T. Kirk,” Coto said. “He had a little Kirk onesie and he actually looked like what you would imagine a young Kirk: he has blond hair, and he looked very Kirk-like, and he got a lot of photos.”

For the full interview, in which Coto talks about the future of Dexter, head over to the Hollywood Reporter.




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