Star Trek 2 Behind By Months


Yesterday J.J. Abrams stopped by The Howard Stern Show to promote Super 8, but he also gave an update on Star Trek 2.

Although Abrams has yet to see the script for Star Trek 2, he was able to let Stern and Trek fans know how far behind the sequel was, so as mentioned during the last few weeks, Star Trek 2 will probably not be released next summer.

“We’re probably six months behind,” Abrams told Stern.

In another interview with MTV, Abrams elaborated on the delay. “I would say it’s not an impossibility to do it, but the studio agrees the most important thing is that the movie be good. No one wants to make something that makes its date but isn’t necessarily worth your time. I want to make sure that whatever we do and whenever it comes out that it’s something that people will have a great time watching.

“We’ve been discussing everything. The most important thing is how do we do something that we get excited about and that is worthy of the audience.”

No word yet on whether Abrams will direct, and he won’t commit one way or the other until he sees the script. “Without even knowing what the story is, part of me feels jealous of anyone else who gets to work with those actors—such an amazing group of actors,” he said. “But I also want to make sure I know what it is I’m being asked to direct before I do it. We’re working on the story and getting there. I’m very excited about what they’ve come up with so far.”

Source: HowardStern.comvia MTV Movie Blogs

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  • Archibald Simms

    c’mon Mr. Abrams, Star Trek is something that means a lot to many of us. You must direct it. If what you see is not to your liking, then rather than adopting an attitude that is something close to pettiness, just fix it. You are a great director. Prove your metal.

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t like this person’s version of Star Trek so I’m suppose to cry over this? Gah.

  • Anonymous

    He does sound like he’s distancing himself from it a bit. I wonder why.

    And it’s been AGES since the last film, why’s it taking so long?

    I think they’re having troubles with the script – and that would explain talk of delays, and JJ’s standoffishness.