Pegg: Serious Scotty


In a new video interview at, Simon Pegg spoke about being a Star Trek fan and how he wants to play Scotty in Star Trek 2.

Unlike many Trek fans, Pegg didn’t start out with either the original series or with Star Trek: The Next Generation. He entered the world of Star Trek while watching the animated series as a child. “It was my gateway into Star Trek because I didn’t actually start watching the original series until I was about nine,” he said. “I definitely came across the cartoon first.”

When portraying Scotty, Pegg did not want to channel James Doohan. “I certainly didn’t want to do an impression of James Doohan [but] approach it like [he] did. I’m going to say ‘this is the character and this is how I am going to play it.'”

Even though Star Trek XI showed a humorous Scotty, Pegg would like to show a more serious side of the engineer in Star Trek 2. “When I took the role of Scotty, I never looked at him as a comic character as such,” said Pegg. “He has always been a whimsical character, because of his background, and is almost like an ethnic minority on board ship. There is something lyrical and fanciful about him. There is something about him that has whimsy; they all do at times even Spock. But I always thought that was what was in the script, he was marooned on that planet for a long time and he got on the ship and everything was kicking off and his reaction was almost like our reaction to it all. So yeah I absolutely hope so. I don’t think Scotty is a comic character at all. In this Star Trek he was thrust into everything, and he learned all this stuff about his own discoveries. He was brought on board the ship where everything was crazy and for him, that was a comic situation.

“I would like to hope that in future adventures he can find the sort of depth and seriousness that James Doohan had to tackle in the series.”


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  • I hope he plays it a little more serious. It would help my view of the current JJ-verse Trek anyway. I hated “comic Scotty” the way he was played in the last film, it was kind of painful. I hope they tone it down to more the way Doohan played it in the first six films. Good balance of humor with seriousness.

  • Justin

    Well said! And lose Keenser while you are at it…

  • I would like to second…Lose Keenser….Star Trek’s own Jar Jar.