Obsessed With Star Trek


A new Star Trek trivia book written by Chip Carter is not only a quiz, but also an interactive game.

Obsessed with Star Trek contains 2,500 questions covering Star Trek from the original series through Star Trek: Nemesis.

The three hundred-and-twenty page book includes one hundred-and-fifty photographs. Readers will be able to test their trivia skills in either “select-a-question” or “random” mode and a built-in electronic module will keep score.

Carter has co-edited several Star Trek comic book series, developed Star Trek anima trading card lines and has contributed articles for the Star Trek Communicator magazine.

Obsessed with Star Trek will release on September 21, and will retail for $29.95. Amazon is taking pre-order for the book at $19.77

Source: StarTrek.com




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  • I’m not one of the ‘Trek trivia’ experts, but it’d be fun to READ the answers to the trivia, even if I can’t answer them myself. Looks like a great book!

  • Cosco is also selling the book for $20.00 CAN.

  • Callie

    Not worth it, it’s got a bunch of wrong answers.