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Star Trek: Online New Ship Class

Posted by T'Bonz - 24/09/09 at 11:09 am

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Star Trek: Online has announced a new ship class for its MMORPG, the Discovery class.

The Discovery is a new class of deep space explorer ships that is an update of the well-performing Intrepid class.

It’s 2400 in the Star Trek: Online world and a new long-range science vessel class, the Discovery class, has been commissioned.

“Design teams at Utopia Planitia set out to update the Intrepid class with the latest in Starfleet technology and design theory.” Fans will remember that the USS Voyager was an Intrepid class ship, which “proved its worth as a long-range vessel…completing a seventy-thousand light year journey with no access to Starfleet supplies or facilities.”

“The Discovery class, along with her sister ships Intrepid and Cochrane, is more than capable of long exploration missions without Starfleet support of assistance, but is equally equipped as a fleet support or solo patrol vessel.”

Included in Discovery class ships are: “holoemitters for photonic crew, improved navigational sensors, a reconfigured dilithium matrix chamber for using damaged crystals safely for short periods of time, and an astrometrics laboratory.”


Source: Star Trek: Online


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