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Star Trek XI Now Biggest Trek Movie

Posted by T'Bonz - 24/06/09 at 09:06 pm

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Adjusted for inflation, Star Trek XI has now pulled ahead of the next highest grossing Star Trek film.

As reported by Airlock Alpha, Tuesday’s domestic take of &_#36;538,205 was enough to catapult Star Trek XI over Star Trek: The Motion Picture, to take the title of the original highest grossing Star Trek film. Star Trek: The Motion Picture earned &_#36;82.3 million in 1979, which would equate to about &_#36;240.9 million today. Star Trek XI‘s domestic earnings stand at &_#36;241,361,911 as of yesterday.

Star Trek XI is expected to conclude its run earning almost &_#36;250 million dollars in domestic sales, far surpassing the last Star Trek movie (Star Trek: Nemesis) which earned &_#36;43.1 million back in 2002.

To read more, head to the article located here.


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