Karl Urban The Trekkie

As a long-term fan of Star Trek, portraying Dr. McCoy was a thrill for Karl Urban.

As reported by KansasCity.com, “This was a fantastic opportunity for me,” said Urban. “I’m so grateful to J.J. for the opportunity to do a character so fundamentally different from anything I’ve done in such a long time. You certainly can’t call Bones McCoy an action hero.”Working in a Star Trek film was “icing on the cake” for Urban, a fan of Star Trek since childhood. “The other thing that makes this so great is that I’m a long-term fan of the TV show,” explained Urban. “As a kid in New Zealand, I would religiously be in front of the set every Saturday morning when Star Trek came on.”

Urban had a great time working on Star Trek XI. “The challenge was to stop laughing before the camera started rolling,” he said. “We were having such a great time, and that chemistry is evident on screen. And I was giddy through much of the filming. It was surreal to be on the Enterprise’s bridge in a Starfleet uniform delivering some of the iconic lines of my childhood.”

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