Today Was Kind Of A Good Day To Rob

Bat’leth-wielding man knocks over 7-Eleven. Times must be tough on Qo’NoS as a man armed only with a small bat’leth robbed one store and tried to rob another.

As reported by, a man wearing a black mask threatened the clerk of a Colorado Springs 7-Eleven convenience store with a bat’leth and was able to escape with an undisclosed amount of money.

A half hour later, he tried the same stunt at another 7-Eleven, but the clerk of this store, obviously Romulan, refused to hand over the goods and the robber was forced to leave empty-handed.

The Klingon-wannabe remains at large. The clerks in both stores knew what a bat’leth was. They were unable to say whether the crescent-shaped yard-long weapon was made of metal or was merely a cheap knock-off.

Thanks to Bill Williams for the tip!

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