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TrekToday - News Headlines for May 2008

News Headlines for May 2008

May 31 - Shatner Talks Trek And Marriage
The popularity of 'Star Trek' was unexpected for the former Captain Kirk.

May 30 - 'Star Trek XI' Spy Photos
More Starfleet Academy shots including possible reaction to a crash.

May 30 - More Mojo Magic
Renders created for 'Star Trek: The Magazine' uploaded to artist's blog.

May 30 - 'Star Trek' DVD Fan Collective Set
New 'Fan Collective' DVD set to be released in September.

May 30 - Wheaton On 'Star Trek'
Appearing in 'Star Trek XI' would have been good for Wheaton, as long as he could have played a new character.

May 30 - Retro Review: The High Ground
Crusher is abducted by a group of terrorists who are desperate for a cure for the side effects of their main weapon.

May 29 - 'Star Trek XI' Honors Original Star Trek Says Quinto
Quinto on 'Star Trek XI' and a behavioral change that is a result of playing Spock.

May 29 - Alexander Courage Passes
Emmy-winning composer dead at the age of eighty-eight.

May 29 - Shatner On His 1992 MTV Movie Awards Performance
The reason behind his odd performance at the 1992 MTV Movie Awards ceremony is explained.

May 29 - Meaney In British Football Film
Former Chief O'Brien to play football manager. Plus: Meaney on Trek.

May 28 - 'Star Trek XI' Ship Details
Four ships are described upon which much of the 'Star Trek XI' action will take place.

May 27 - Auberjonois In 'The Imaginary Invalid'
Former Odo of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' to star in Molière play.

May 27 - More Shatner Stories
Shatner sets the record straight on some misconceptions, reveals a bit about his childhood and talks 'Star Trek'.

May 27 - Montgomery Finishes Debut Album
Enterprise's Travis Mayweather turns his talents to Hip-Hop

May 27 - Pevney Passes
Film and television director dead at the age of ninety-six.

May 25 - Byron in 'Star Trek XI'
Daytime drama star to appear in newest 'Star Trek' movie.

May 24 - Urban on McCoy and 'Star Trek XI'
Working on the 'Star Trek XI' set proves to be an enjoyable experience for the new Doctor McCoy.

May 24 - Stewart on MacBeth
MacBeth and how an evil person can negatively influence a weak one.

May 24 - Shatner on Shatner
Former Captain Kirk remembers the past and discusses his failings.

May 23 - Retro Review: The Hunted
A solder who has been medically altered to be the perfect killer threatens the Enterprise crew.

May 23 - 'Star Trek The Tour' To Tour Again
Tour held up for months due to a financial squabble is finally released.

May 23 - Star Trek: Of Gods And Men: Part III
Final installment of fan film to release in mid-June.

May 23 - Saldana On 'Star Trek XI'
Short skirts, Spock and 'Star Trek'

May 23 - Picardo on 'Stargate' and Richard Woolsey
Working on both 'Stargate' series has been enjoyable for the former 'Star Trek:Voyager' EMH.

May 23 - Ron Moore's 'Virtuality'
New Fox pilot deals with a crew coping with extended space travel.

May 21 - Original Series Season Two Remastered DVD Art
CBS/Paramount releases two new pictures of the packaging for 'Star Trek' Remastered Season Two DVD set.

May 21 - Picardo In 'Sensored'
Former EMH takes on a darker role in horror movie.

May 19 - 'Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes'
New Starship Farragut adventures to appear in animated format later this year.

May 18 - Stewart Appearance On 'The View'
'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'X-Men' and Sir Laurence Olivier.

May 18 - Meaney In 'Life On Mars'
American version of British time-travel cop show due to air in fall of 2008. Plus: Meaney in 'Ironclad'.

May 18 - Takei On Recent California Marriage Decision
Former Sulu overjoyed that barrier to full marriage rights has tumbled. Plus: Takei blogs his 'Secret Talents of the Stars' experience.

May 17 - Shatner On The Future
The former Captain Kirk talks world events, politics and his personal tragedy.

May 17 - Star Trek XI News Bullets
Yelchin on Romulans, Bald Romulans and drilling rigs, Orci on 'Star Trek XI', Abrams on Nimoy

May 16 - Retro Review: The Defector
A Romulan determined to bring about peace between his empire and the Federation leads the crew into a dangerous showdown.

May 16 - Shatner On The Past And Being Remembered
More show appearances and interviews from the former Captain Kirk.

May 15 - Bakula Filming 'The Informant'
Filming has the locals abuzz and eager for actor sightings.

May 14 - Pegg Says 'Star Trek XI' Should Not Be A Parody
Playing Scotty means doing his own take on the character, not trying to imitate James Doohan.

May 14 - Stewart Nominated For Tony Award
Former Captain Picard up for award for his role in MacBeth.

May 14 - Mojo on 'Starship Spotter'
'Starship Spotter' co-author shares new starship images and discusses reaction to 'Starship Spotter'.

May 14 - British Judicial Robes In A 'Star Trek' Makeover
New robes for British judges are reminiscent of 'Star Trek' costumes.

May 14 - Shatner on Conan
Dislike of his fellow cast members towards him is still a mystery to the former Captain Kirk.

May 12 - New 'Star Trek: Odyssey' Episode Released
A kidnapping, a traitor and a fragile alliance make for drama in the newest 'Odyssey" episode.

May 12 - Shatner And Nimoy Weren't Always Best Buddies
Shatner's new autobiography describes both his 'Star Trek' working life and details of his personal life.

May 12 - 'Star Trek XI' Not Just A Prequel
'Star Trek XI' covers more than the earliest days of Kirk and Spock.

May 9 - Retro Review: The Vengeance Factor
An assassin plagues the Enterprise crew's attempt to reconcile two factions of an alien race.

May 9 - Back To The Basics For Stewart
Former Captain Picard on 'Star Trek' and its influence on him. Plus: Stewart nominated for several awards.

May 9 - Wheaton On 'Reinventing Star Trek'
'Star Trek' actor and fan on expectations for 'Star Trek XI'

May 6 - Quinto On The Impact Of Playing Spock
In addition to his work on 'Heroes', Quinto is well-prepared for his role as the popular Vulcan.

May 6 - 'Star Trek: The Next Generation" To Appear On Sci-Fi Channel
The Sci-Fi channel is the third cable channel to acquire the rights to 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

May 5 - 'Star Trek' Technology On The Way - Part II
Instant communication device makes life easier for health professionals and patient families alike.

May 5 - 'Star Trek' Technology Is On The Way
Universal Translator of 'Star Trek' is under development today.

May 4 - 'Star Trek: The Experience' To End?
2008 may be the last year for the Las Vegas Hilton based 'Star Trek' attraction.

May 2 - Retro Review: The Price
When a group of delegates gathers to bid on the rights to a stable wormhole, Troi falls for one of the Federation's competitors.

May 2 - Shades Of A 'Star Trek' Tricorder
New handheld medical scanners similar to the tricorder of 'Star Trek'

May 2 - Takei On Casting Cho
Sulu character meant to represent Asia according to George Takei.

May 2 - 'Star Wars' Fan Abrams On Making New 'Star Trek'
Abrams on improving 'Star Trek'. Plus: Harrison Ford visits 'Star Trek XI' set.

May 1 - Interview: Keith R. A. DeCandido
The longtime 'Trek' author discusses his latest projects, his start in the business, the end of the S.C.E. line of novels and his thoughts on 'Star Trek XI' with TrekToday.